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" The hair that you have only been dreaming about is now possible at Razouk hair collection "

Hair extensions take thin hair to thick luscious locks, or short hair to long tresses. By combining thickness, length and fullness, Razouk Hair Collection creates that fabulous hair you have always dreamed about.

The Process

To begin with we offer you custom colour matching and special blending to create the most natural looking results. At Razouk Hair Collection, every hair texture is available (curly, wavy or straight) and we are able to match any colour of your preference including highlights and blends all with 100% human hair.

Once your colour has been decided, the extensions are attached underneath your own hair using several different techniques that does not require the use of any heat. This then creates fullness and provides you with the most comfortable to wear extensions that are completely invisible.

In only 20 minutes we decide on your style and colour. Book now for your Free consultation..